Friday, March 25, 2016

Poland Mission Support letter

  We would like to inform you of an exciting opportunity which has been presented to myself (Timothy) and my sister Petra.  We have been given the chance to join our youth group, from Calvary Baptist Church of Lompoc, on a mission trip to Poland this summer from July 18 to August 2.  This will be my second trip to Poland and Petra’s first.  My last trip, in July of 2014, was an amazing experience of growing in faith for which I am very thankful. The two of us look forward to the growth God has in store for us this year!

Why Poland?

  The needs are tremendous in Poland.  Still feeling the aftermath of the fall of communism, there is a great need to build up churches and reach the Polish youth.  We will be joining the ministry of Josiah Venture ( alongside their local Polish branch Fala, (meaning “wave” in Polish) to build up youth ministries and develop youth leaders to reach their own country.  One of the most effective strategies has been to have the local churches and Josiah Venture Missionaries invite students from the community and schools to English camps. At these camps they experience a youth camp environment, along with 3 hours of English class.  Through building relationships with the Polish students, discussion groups, evening talks, sports times, and a lot of fun, many of the students are exposed to genuine Biblical Christianity for the very first time.  But the outreach doesn’t end when camp does!  After the students return to their hometown, they are invited to church youth group events so they can continue the relationships built at camp.  This makes for a great follow-up.

How can you help?

  We have a great number of responsibilities, and we hope and pray that our impact will be long lasting.  We would appreciate your prayers for our preparation time and while we are in Poland.  The finances for this trip are also a great need.  Each of us on the team need to raise approximately $2,300-$2,500 (about $5,000 in total for both of us) which covers all our travel, training and living expenses.  We would like to ask that you prayerfully consider being a partner in our support team.  Click here if you would like to give online.

May God bless you,

Timothy and Petra Graham.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Tim's Summer 2016 Poland Mission Trip

Timothy, ready to serve

Why Do I Want to go to Poland?

   I have grown up in a Christian home, going to church my whole life. Every two years our Calvary Baptist Lompoc youth group would take a group of high school students to Poland to teach conversational English with Josiah Venture.  I constantly looked up to that group, whomever they were, longing for the day that I was old enough to go and make a difference in a Polish students life!  Finally, on July 7, 2014, I was given the opportunity to make that desire become a reality.

What Was it Like Preparing For the Last Trip?

  A group of twelve, including myself, set out for Poland.  We had spent the last few months raising the necessary funds by sending out support letters and participating in several fundraisers.  Before our trip there were many meetings held that we took part in containing group initiatives which spurred team bonding that was essential.  For the duration of our preparation we were divided into small accountability groups to keep each other in check and to go through a Bible study.

What Was Travel Like?

   The day came; we were all in cars headed to the L.A.X. airport.  From Los Angeles we had a nonstop thirteen hour flight to Frankfort, Germany.  A direct flight from Frankfort to Gdansk, Poland followed.  Having never flown before, the experience was very exciting and nerve-wracking.  Going through security was easy enough, as long as My pockets were emptied COMPLETELY!  Once I was on the plane and we had taken off it reminded me of being on a large charter bus.  We left the church at 8:00 AM July 7 and arrived in Poland at 5:00 PM July 8.

What did We do in Poland?

  Once we landed in Poland we spent four days in Gdansk for orientation and to recover from, the nine hour time difference and jet-lag.  The orientation mainly consisted of familiarity with the culture and to visit Malbork castle, the second oldest standing castle in Europe.  This gave us a bit of real life history of the country that was very interesting.  After orientation we were driven six hours south to the town of Nowy Tomysl (Novi Tomish) where we led our English camp.  Our main goals of this camp were two things; provide a fun, lighthearted, environment for learning conversational English, and, through this, share the gospel of Christ.  So throughout the week we aspired to accomplish both these things.  On one of the last nights was an event called “Labyrinth,” which was their name for decision night.  That night twenty students made a decision to follow Christ.  Going home with this in mind, and that we were a part of making it happen, was a huge encouragement to all of us.

What did I Learn?

  Going into the trip I had no idea what to expect.  Especially seeing all those who had gone before me.  Was I going to speak in tongues?  Was I going to die on the airplane and not even make it there?  I had no clue!  Looking back now I know that God wanted to show me that he can work no matter what the language differences, and that if I can always be flexible and trust Him, he will provide.  I greatly look forward to what God has to teach me this year as well!

How Can You Help?


Your prayers are a tremendous help!  Pray that we will be clear and accurate in our portrayal of God and the gospel.


Share the news of our work with your friends and family. If you believe that someone will benefit from this, please share it with them!


If you are in a position, and are willing, please donate to help our team to make a trip which will be bringing the gospel to teens that truly need it.  We strive to make a world of difference to whomever will listen. Click here to donate.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Why I want to go to Poland summer 2016


Chris, father & husband
I have lived a fairly sheltered life. I grew up in Santa Barbara county, where I still live. Santa Barbara County is made up of primarily middle class and above families. Growing up, my family was in the lower middle class income level, as such my participation in mission trips with my youth group was non-existent. I was able to attend several youth camps between Jr. High & high school, usually as a student worker at the camp. As a youth group we would attend the camp, but not participate in all the regular camper activities. A portion of our day was spent setting up, serving and cleaning up after the meals, after which we could attend whatever meetings were available. The work-crew approach to attending camp reduced the cost of camp to us, but limited the ability to attend the meetings, interact with the other campers and participate in the recreational offerings. The camps were always amazing and challenging, just slightly different than a regular camper experienced.


Two of the other camps that I attended were young life camps where I served for a month each. They were Woodleaf, in Northern California, and Trail West, in Buena Vista, Colorado. One summer was spent as a busboy and kitchen crew the other as a chefs assistant. There was little to no interaction with the campers or guests, as my position did not include it. Any of my social time was spent with other student that were also working. They were positions entirely as a behind the scenes servant worker. Again, these two experiences were amazing and challenging.

After graduating from high school I volunteered on my church's youth staff. Among the activities I helped and participated in was 2 mission trips to Tacaté Mexico. Both of these trips were to a Bible Institute. As a group we headed up building projects at both the Bible Institue and in a nearby neiborhood and we organized & ran a vacation Bible school. These trips introduced me to the experience of serving outside my own culture and piqued my interest in exploring more opportunities. Unfortunately further chances to join a mission team have not occurred, until now. 


Every other summer Calvary Baptist Church of Lompoc teams up with Josiah Venture to send a group of high school students to Poland to help tech conversational English at a youth outreach camp. We partner with local churches and youth groups to invest in the lives of the Polish students to introduce a basic foundation of not only English, but the love of God as well.

 My desire to join the summer 2016 Poland mission trip is based in my desire to experience a different group of people and culture and to step way out of my personal comfort zone and let God grow and stretch me in ways that I can not plan or anticipate. I believe this experience has the potential to drastically affect my perspective on life, family, church and my approach to relationships. My hope is that God will use the Poland mission trip to equip me to be a more effective and willing tool for His work.